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| steamname: High Resolution Hero | steam3ID: [U] AB AB Feb Pag/D, Jun. These L2 VPNs are created using a collection of one or more point-to-point . 1. Introduction. The IEEE has defined Pag Connectivity Fault Management [Pag] IEEE Draft Pag/D8 “Virtual Bridge Local Area. IEEE Pag/D8, Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area What is claimed is: 1. A method, performed by a first network device, the.

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Connectivity Fault Management, Jun. The CPU preferably includes memory and a processor. Systems and methods for construction multi-layer topological models of computer networks. As illustrated, bridge may include, among other things, a controllerline interfaces – 1- 2- 3and – 4 collectively referred to as line interfacesand an interconnect Loopback testing of a network interface device from a user-space software layer. The method of claim 1, the method further comprising: The concepts described herein provide for auto-provisioning of network IDs e.

CFM header may include information similar to the information described above in connection with FIG. The present invention relates to telecommunication networks. PBB-TE maintains the inherent advantages of Ethernet, while addressing the deficiencies of Ethernet as a carrier-class packet transport protocol.

The logic also comprises a connectionless traffic module that supports VLAN-based communications represented by the dashed arrows. Sultan, Robert, et al. For purposes of discussion, the MEP will be described in reference to a network device, such as a bridge or a switch. The method of claim 1, further comprising: As technologies continue to advance, OAM is becoming a challenging endeavor.

The LSP ping 36 identifies a complete path defined by a set of hops, therefore enabling a ping and ping reply between nodes and across a path. Upon receiving the connectivity verification packet at the forwarding device, the outer label proxy label is removed and the packet is forwarded to the destination node e. The MD may include one or more MAs. The response packet is sent back to the forwarding device, which in turn forwards the packet to the proxy originating the connectivity verification message.

Thus, the present invention is not to be limited to the embodiments shown, but is to be accorded the widest scope consistent with the principles and features described herein. If the provider edge device 50 is not configured to forward the packet to the proxy 54the PE processes the packet and responds with an acknowledgement connectivity verification response packet. The PE 50 decides via configuration whether or not to process the packet locally or forward the packet on to the proxy The messages are sent periodically from an originating node to a destination node.


Looking to get your documents signed online for free? Bridges may be communicatively coupled. Process will be described in conjunction with previous Figures. The forwarding device then forwards the response packet to the proxy originating the connectivity verification message for processing.

Information processing apparatus and storing apparatus, information processing method and storing method, and recording medium. In a typical customer network, each subnetwork has one or more gateway nodes or customer edge CE routers, through which traffic egressing and ingressing to and from other subnetworks passes. When the packet arrives at the provider edge device 48the PE forwards the packet per data plane forwarding as previously programmed towards provider edge These protocols, procedures, and managed objects enable discovery and verification of the path, through bridges, and LANs taken for frames addressed to and from specified network users as well as detection of a connectivity fault and isolation of the fault to a specific bridge or LAN.

The present examples are to be considered as illustrative and not restrictive, and the intention is not to be limited to the details given herein. In addition, while a series of blocks has been described with regard to the process illustrated in FIG. Distinguishing between connectivity verification availability and forwarding protocol functionality in a computer network. Independent ESPs may be identified by the same VID value if some other parameter in their identifying 3-tuple is different.

IEEE ag – Connectivity Fault Management

Line interfaces may be capable of receiving packets from other devices and transmitting packets to other devices in a1g In general, the IEEE Given the expansive nature of the IEEE Personalized life like signatures generator – Create your own 5, signatures already created! System and method for providing a sequence numbering mechanism in a network environment.


Thus, each node that implements a LLDP agent either comprises or has access to non-volatile memory from which such truth values can be restored. This protocol is intended to detect inconsistencies in provisioning, but does not currently specify the exchange of management VID values. Method, device and system for operation, management and maintenance of oam configuration.

The method of claim 5 wherein said proxy label comprises a Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification VCCV channel type configured for use by a remote forwarding device in the core network.

It is to be understood that NetFlow is only one example for obtaining path information from the edge device 48and that other methods may be used to obtain the path information. A plurality of devices such as routers and switches interconnect user computers connected to the network.

For purpose of clarity, details relating to technical material that is known in the technical fields related to the invention have not been described in detail. In 082 second aspect, the disclosure includes a communications network component, comprising logic that enables connection-oriented traffic and VLAN-based connectionless traffic, wherein the logic propagates management messages as VLAN-based connectionless traffic having a management VID and wherein the logic enables detection of inconsistent management VIDs in a network.

System and method for identifying non-multiple spanning tree protocol control planes.


The truth value is restored from non-volatile storage upon re-initialization of a network’s management system. If a distributed hardware architecture is utilized, the hardware-forwarding path is then programmed.

Bottorf, Paul, et al. Under the IEEE standard, the periodicity ranges from 3. System and method using RSVP hello suppression for graceful restart capable neighbors. For example, in some embodiments, the management traffic control module enables the network component to generate a CFM message that is propagated as connectionless traffic.