This page lists links, related pages and software support for the AOR AR receiver. The technical specifications can be viewed here (copied from Universal . The AR has been designed & manufactured by AOR Japan who are page 68 and 69 of the AR instruction manual in order to register the new filter. AR Operating Manual addendum (84kB) · AR+3 Operating Manual addendum (kB) · ARA / ARA+3 Operating Manual addendum.

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The stored data may be quickly and easily recalled, changed or deleted using the memory recall and delete facilities. Introduction 2 Introduction 13 Frequency Pass Page of 77 Go. Usually replacement is only necessary if mechanical damage has been experienced. Modes of reception include: If you wish to abort step size selection press AR has been pre-programmed at the factory with all the bandplan data specific to each market area so that the AR will automatically manua, the appropriate step In addition, unusual step sizes may be entered using the size and mode for the frequency chosen.

TP3 This gives a large level output after the third stage of amplification of the filtered signal.

AOR AR5000 Operating Manual

The meter response throughout the VHF region is reasonably flat and will give readings of similar level. Only add a small amount of oil as the main dial brake operation may be compromised if too much is added.

Deleting individual memory channels First place the AR into memory recall mode. Measured at 20 MHz from cold. Ideally janual could be removed to give a flatter frequency response along with changing R to 1k8.

S meter readings may alter in sympathy with the oscillation. Refit the board and test before re-fitting the top cover. This is noticeable when a strong signal has ended or the RF gain control has been increased. Various levels can be obtained depending at which point the signal is taken from. If this key is accidentally pressed, it may give the 0.


Reassembly is a reverse of the above.

It is taken from the unused output of the secondary winding of I. The AR will switch-on automatically once per day presuming the receiver had been switched off on a daily basis at the Each memory channel may hold: Don’t have an account? The circuit is shown below After fitting the filter, refer to page 68 and 69 of the AR zor manual in order to register the new filter. Page 19 – Correction of frequency input via the nu The AR is capable of providing a Page 12 Figure SIX for the numeric input of frequencies, bank, automatically a5000 a prescribed time period of 1 to channel numbers etc.


A revision to operation firmware appeared after about one year, the serial numbers changed to 07xxxx six digit numbers starting zero seven with four digits following. Now release the key.

Copyright Universal Radio, Inc. Page 14 Under this situation the on channel sensitivity will generally be reduced to once the key has been used, the AR some degree, for this reason do not manually tune the microprocessor will automatically add the additional trailing preselector too far away from the start point. If problems are experienced, then the solution will probably be direct connection to the FM detector IC on the IF unit. Besides normal scanning 25 memories per secondthere is also CyberScan 45 seconds without channel tags.

Six bandwidths are supplied 3, 6, 15, 30, and kHz. A separate serial connecting lead will also be operation away from a base aerial such required to connect to your computer. Operation typically auto-tunes to centre frequency within a few seconds when an offset of a few kHz exists.


AOR AR Instruction manual |

The detector output can ar500 taken from pin 9, IC8. This is not a criticism of the AR and is applicable to particular modes require differing amounts of bandwidth ALL SSB receivers in varying degrees Remember, there is no entry point for step-adjust data during search program entry.

A 22ohm resister is shown on the circuit air at this point but on early sets a zero ohm link is fitted. Page 74 Short wave desktop loop aerials have the advantage of called the ABF The triple conversion circuit and varactor tuned front-end provide excellent overload characteristics.

Trouble Shooting – Microprocessor Reset The reset switch is located at reset the top of the slot about 10mm behind the front panel. Operation of some of these other functions would be more difficult and jumpy if the encoder response speed was very different. Installation Of The Ct Installation of the CT key then power up the receiver by pressing and releasing the switch while still holding the Only the upper case of the AR needs to be removed key.

It is assumed in this addendum that you understand how to program basic functions. Take care not to let any solvent enter the actual encoder as this will lead to very rapid wear. Not available for online ordering.

Sophisticated control software CD. The two types of lead are almost identical other than the wiring order is different.