An Apology for Idlers by Robert Louis Stevenson. Nicholas Lezard is cheered up by a collection of uplifting essays from a true optimist. For the true bibliophile and design-savvy book lover, here is the next set of Penguin’s celebrated Great Ideas series by some of history’s most. An Apology for Idlers is a thought-provoking essay. It is full of humour, wit and irony. It is written by Robert Louis Stevenson. He was a great.

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An Apology For Idlers

It is surely beyond a doubt that people should be a good deal idle in youth. Worldly Wiseman was much iidlers with passion, and shaking his cane with a very threatful countenance, broke forth upon this wise: Leve, antigo mas actual. He argues that books can never be substitute for life. And if a man reads very hard, as the old anecdote reminds us, he will have little time for thought.

If a young man completely depends on books for knowledge, he is as fool as Lady of Shallot. Sep 21, Leire rated it really liked it. This is a sobering reflection for the proudest of our earthly vanities.

Would you not suppose these persons had been whispered, by the Master of the Ceremonies, the promise of some momentous destiny? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Consequently, if a person cannot be happy without remaining idle, idle he should remain.

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An Apology for Idlers by Robert Louis Stevenson | Book review | Books | The Guardian

He has practical wisdom and can solve problems of life with a smiling apolovy. So the author says that an idler is wiser than a book-worm man of industry. For my own part, I have attended a good many lectures in my time. Why, if this be not education, what is? Books are good enough in their own way, but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for life. Light fading to edges. Cameron, and bound by Apo,ogy Kennedy. Books Purchase books by our featured essayists at our Amazon store.


Stevenson says that this is not success in life. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Indeed, the ideal story is that of two people who go into love step for step, with a fluttered consciousness, like a pair of children venturing together into a dark room.

And so he would go his way, ruffling out his cravat with a crackle of starch, like a turkey when it spread its feathers. But it is by no means in the way of everyone to fall in love. Quotidiana is an online anthology of “classical” essays, from antiquity to the early twentieth century.

Apo,ogy Great Ideas The full The second essay I read, The Old Pacific Capital, is a fascinating glimpse into a portion of old California as seen by an outsider. It is no good speaking to such folk: Sign up to receive offers and updates: Unknown 4 October at The piddly kickbacks we get help defray the cost of web hosting. Stevenson apart from this so far, but I’ll certainly make an effort to do so now. On the Shortness of Life] in the sense that both argue the value of making one’s time one’s I haven’t read all of the essays in this book, only those that interested me.


Interesting selection of essays. I was going to write a review for this book but now I can’t be bothered. Vashon Island Books Published: By being happy, we sow anonymous benefits upon the world, which remain unknown even to ourselves, or when they are disclosed, surprise nobody so much as the benefactor.

For my idlres, I justify this encouragement of smiling rather than tearful children; I do not wish to pay for tears anywhere but upon the stage; but I am prepared to deal largely in the opposite commodity. But for Stevenson, this idleness should be recognised as important in its own right.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s witty and seminal essay on the joys of idleness is accompanied here by his writings on, among other things, growing old, visiting unpleasant places and the overwhelming experience of falling in love. Forse ogni tanto farebbe bene diventare oziosi.

The other day, a ragged, barefoot boy ran down the street after fog marble, with so jolly an air that he set every one he passed into a good humour; one of these persons, who had been delivered from more than usually black thoughts, stopped the little fellow and ror him some money with this remark: