AQUALIS – CALEO MICROCONNECT N B Installation Fonctionnement Mise en service Maintenance Installation Operation Commissioning Maintenance. Aqualis Caleo. 60H. 60HT. 70HT. Heating capacity *. kW. Power input *. kW. COP. Refrigerant fluid RC – Load. CIA. T CALEO. 10 – NA E. Instruction manual . The TDC series AQUACIAT CALEO heat pumps meet the heating needs of 0 = Aqualis Caleo.

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The compressor will start up after a few seconds. Check the glycol content if used. Pressure or temperature measurements requiring the use of gauges should be taken only if the wqualis malfunctions and doing so is recommended by CIAT s After-Sales Service.


When aqulais purchase the Diana Instant Hot Water tank, contents include: Wireless room temperature controller with hour time switch and LCD.

Volkswagen New Beetle 2. Page 10 5 Troubleshooting Page. Insulate the pipes and hoses carefully to prevent heat loss and condensation.

Controlled by dry contact J15 In hot water production mode heating, pool, frost protection or domestic hot water modes or when compressor turned off: These instructions covers the installation of replacement coil kit into More information.

They represent More information.

The recommendations and instructions given in the maintenance instructions and the special instructions on the labels must be followed.

Insulate the filter or install it indoors protect from freezing temperatures. Control is aqulis out on interstage differential P Turned off in the following three cases: Please contact your boiler manufacturer to find out whether the heating source is compatible with Microconnect control. It may be necessary to use them when starting the unit or when turning it off for extended periods of time. Maximum water return for boiler backup: Check for aqyalis loose electrical connections.


Stage-1 electric auxiliary unit operation Indicator 4: The boiler burner is then controlled by the boiler s control system. Minutes reverse quickly when pressed and held. It is not necessary to add glycol to your system if you are absolutely sure that there is no risk of freezing temperatures in your area. Control is carried out on interstage differential P NF C in France and are under the responsibility of the installer.

To keep your unit running smoothly and to benefit from the warranty, take out a maintenance contract with your installer or an approved maintenance company. Cool ing [kw] Heating [kw] 1 1 General More information. It may be wise to bleed this air. The fault type appears on the terminal LCD. Depending on the geographic location and the type of mains network buried or overheadyou may have to install a lightning rod.

Although it is rain resistant, it may be installed under a shelter with adequate ventilation on all four sides. The analysis will reveal whether the water is suitable for use with the various materials it will come into contact with and prevent the formation of electrolytic couples: Always dilute the antifreeze with water before adding it to the system.

Go to following day Time and day adjustment, unit off Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Four-cursor display Four-cursor display —————————- Off and reset mode permanent fault —————————- Frost protection mode Unit authorised to produce hot water Go to Comfort mode, Economy mode then Programmed mode.


Multi Split Units If there is a fault on any LG Multi unit, an Error mark is indicated on the display window of the indoor unit, wired-remote controller, and LED s of outdoor unit control board.


Do not tighten these screws to a torque of greater than 1 Aqhalis. Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety precautions may result in serious More information. Either drain the water circuit by disconnecting the unit inlet and outletOr take the following precautions: Circulator The circulator on every unit, regardless of size, is fitted with release screws.

Accordingly, the boiler is still authorised to come on even if this fault appears. Temporary faults are not stored in memory and the fault relay is not stuck in a particular position exceptions: Hoses must be used to connect the aqualie pipes to limit as far as possible the vibrations transmitted to the building.

If you do not have a torque wrench, tighten them until they are snug then tighten a further quarter turn. Moreover, a d3 fault water flow rate fault must not aqkalis the boiler from operating. Moreover, a d3 fault water flow rate fault must not prevent the boiler from operating.