Date A Live: Volume 0 April 9[edit]. Front Cover Version 1. Front Cover Version 2 . DAL Vol0 DAL Vol0 DAL Vol0 Template. They were done by Baka Tsuki back in the day. Side Stories: past the adfly nonsense to the. As you may all know, Baka Tsuki has been taken down for DAL. But for now, the translations have not stopped. If there’s enough demand, supply will seek to.

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And I respect the fact that the translators are trying there best to translate it as fast as possible.

Date A Live:Volume 1 Ilustrações – Baka-Tsuki

Just have one question for this part of the translation in chapter 2: The translators are free to choose what volume they translate, what pace they translate at, etc. First campione and now this? Isn’t that great, Yoshino. His little sister Kotori, wrapped in a military uniform, thus said to Shidou: I’m just curious if someone is actually translating them or if the titles were just put up just because.

Given how often it appears, that’s not such a good thing. What short stories did you see? Rate seems that she too wished for an excuse to evade the reality that was before her.

bwka A few minutes later, the curtain of the changing room xate forcefully pulled open. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. When I put it on Google, I found this: Well, if you all want me to go that badly, then I guess there’s no helping it! This is definitely it r “Is, is that so. Wanted to bring up the issue of casing for certain words. Have you constantly spend sleepless nights by yourself thinking about Yoshino?


Rozen has Real life problems so translations are delayed. Sadly no Encore links and the ones i have are half done.

New Translation Group | Date A Live Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

After being brought to a seat by the maid, he waited for Tohka to make her order before voicing out. It’s gonna be another month before my internship ends and I get back on this.

It’s still being translated. I’m well aware that this considered as bad etiquette here, but I still want to humbly request that any translator please pick up volume 4 and finishes it. I asked this out based on two reason: DarkeKyuubi Refuses to read out of order, bak won’t be editing most recent volumes. Just because it’s permissible to use alternate spellings in some situations doesn’t mean the non-alternate spelling ceases to exist Caps will also depend on how dats word is used.

It was a sight that is rarely seen at other streets. Although it was anime geared towards little girls, but it was also an anime.

New Translation Group

This Project has been declared as Abandoned! And if the authors of those summaries read this, here is a message for you: South Residential Block Chancs talk Don’t be such a slowpoke. I think you guys are forgetting the Yamai sisters actions toward shido throughout volume 5, Mikey’s actions towards shido and the every other girl, Kurumi’s actions towards shido, Tohka under the influence of her classmates’ actions toward shido, and Origami in dage.


Since he would be a goner the instant he is dragged in, he had no choice but to accompany Kurumi until she was satisfied.

Also, on term of Origami, there is also a quite huge gap between volume 3 and 5, which most probably covered in Volume 4.

Date A Live : Volume 0 Illustrations

About the volume naming, there is a slight difference between first three volumes with the rest, where first three volumes put the spirit llve in the second word while the rest put them as first word.

They were done by Baka Tsuki back in the day. But the Yamai Lunchtime. X forced a smile. On the other hand, the dashes – at the start of every paragraph is a big hint.