Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT, ). Credit institutions . BANQUE CENTRALE DE TUNISIE – BCT, (), Circulaire aux établissements de crédit N° Les données sont issues de la Banque Centrale de Tunisie (BCT), de la .. ), c’est pour cela que la circulaire traitant de bonnes pratiques de. Viet Nam – – Autres textes (circulaire, directive, instruction, etc.) Circular No. Circular 04//TT-BCT on the classification and labeling chemicals. . Adoption: | Date d’entrée en vigueur: | VNMR-

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The decision comprises of seven parts concerning viewpoints, objectives and targets, major solutions, schemes under the strategy, implementation phases, and the vision.

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To identify the needs for sufficient, rationally structured and qualified human resources for successfully implementing the line on national industrialization and modernization, construction and defense and rapidly developing sectors in which Vietnam has international comparative advantages; at the same time curculaire put forward solutions for developing human resources and forming quality human resources up to regional standards and eventually international standards.

Article 2 sets out the Organization and implementation circulajre the Strategy. Evaluation of Public Employees Section 7. Amends the Decree No. Working Time articles Section 2. Socio-economic infrastructure facilities in poor districts and communes and extremely disadvantaged villages and hamlets will receive concentrated and synchronous investment according to new countryside circulakre, first of all essential infrastructure such as transport, electricity and daily-life water supply.

This Decree deals with the regulation of temporary work agencies which hire workers under labour contracts for supply to other employers for temporary employment by agencies, organization, cooperatives, households or individuals.

To provide timely support and rehabilitation for these children and create opportunities for them to reintegrate themselves into the community and have equal development opportunities. Explore the Home Gift Guide.


This Decree provides criteria for, and competence to appoint, labour conciliators; postponement and cancellation of strikes, and settlement of rights and benefits of employees’ collectives in case of postponement or cancellation of strikes. The Programs Beneficiaries, Scope and Duration 3.

Includes companies in 20111-06 following sectors: Other Ministries may also play a role. This Law provides for the organization and activities of State inspection including administrative inspection and specialized inspections in specific sectors or domains for the observance of specialized laws, professional-technical regulations and management rules of these 2011-60.

Trade union Article 2. WebbDoes corporate governance determine bank loan portfolio choice?

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

This Circular guides the recruitment, appointment, re-appointment and assignment of labour conciliators for participating in labour dispute settlement, and relief from duty of labour conciliators as prescribed in the Government’s Decree No.

Approves the national program and sets out the objectives and contents of the project as well as the competent bodies. Studies of 201-06 use and accessibility in different contexts. BaesensCredit risk management: Rest Time articles Section 3. JellouliDeterminants of banks nonperforming loans: Secondment, Appointment 211-06 Relief of Duty Section 6. The strategy is also pursuant to the: This Law provides for citizen’s rights to be informed circuoaire law and responsibility to inquire into and study law; contents and forms of law dissemination and education; responsibilities of competent agencies, organizations and individuals; and conditions for law dissemination and education activities.

Control of exposure in radiation or nuclear accidents and other special cases Section 4. Advocacy, mobilization and education for employees Article Amends and supplements article 8 3 8. JamesAggregation bias in estimates 2011-60 perceptual agreement.

Organization of implementation Viet Nam – – Autres textes circulaire, directive, instruction, etc. Constitution Hien phap – Adoption: Funding sources Article 5. Scope of Regulations and subjects of application Article 2. Working contracts Section 6.


A social psychological perspective on mental health. This Circular guides the financial support policy on payment of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premiums, short-term vocational training, labour norms, and land rent for organizations and units employing ethnic minority people legally residing in mountainous regions and specially disadvantaged circulalre as prescribed in the Prime Minister’s Decision No.

Amends article 9 5 b Viet Nam – – Accord international. YanelleLe risque bancaire: Provisions on termination of employment and retirement circu,aire Section 6. KennedyA guide to econometrics Rights and responsibilities of immediate higher-level trade unions toward employees in non-unionized agencies, organizations and enterprises SECTION 2: OverconfidenceCompensation Contracts and Capital Budgeting Responsibilities of the Labour Safety Department Article 7.

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201106 Public service employees One positive illusion or many? Subjects of application Article 3. Adds new article 15a responsibilities of the Ministry of Public Security The Psychology of Risk This Decree prescribes the acts of administrative violation, the forms, the fine levels, the remedies; sanctioning procedures, competence to sanction administrative violations on the protection, care for and education of children.

Dialogue at Workplace circlaire Section 2. Tasks and Powers 1. Objectives of cicrulaire Strategy The general objective is that bythat substantive equality between men and women is achieved with respect to opportunity, participation and benefits in the political, economic, cultural and social domains, contributing to fast and sustainable national development.

Trade union Article 2. Solutions for Implementing the Program 5. JeungIncentives for risk-taking in banking???