In Davidson’s enjoyable if overplotted 16th culinary novel of suspense (after Crunch Time. Diane Mott Davidson, Morrow, $ (p) ISBN. Crunch Time Cookies: Diane Mott Davidson. Maybe this belongs on my DyingforChocolate blog, but I couldn’t help but post it here. My worlds. No one cooks up a tastier stew of murder, mystery, and mayhem than New York Times bestselling author Diana Mott Davidson. Entertainment Weekly calls her.

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First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at https: So many of these characters were very unlikeable. And I miss Julian. Only the recipes, delectable as always, saved this monstrosity from a one-star rating. It was definitely too long almost pages! Vavidson are only so many omtt one woman can meddle in police investigations in a lifetime, much less during one book, without it being ridiculous.

There’s lots going on in this book and the plot is diffused.

CRUNCH TIME by Diane Mott Davidson | Kirkus Reviews

It’s been a few years since I last visited Goldy Schulz, but I think we have grown apart. If it wasn’t for the setting Coloradoand hopes for further growth in characterization, I would give up on this series.

Not helped at all by the evasions and actions of Yolanda and Ferdinanda. Cooking seems to take a back seat to the mystery. Goldy caters an event and the recipe is on the next page. Can this be the actual end of this series? But then Ernest is shot dead and his house is set on fire, nearly killing Goldy, Yolanda, Ferdinanda, and nine beagle puppies that Ernest had recently rescued from a puppy mill.

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Diane Mott Davidson – Crunch Time

Goodhearted Goldy is happy to hire her old friend Yolanda Garcia, a top-notch chef fallen on hard times. So Goldy and Tom insist that they come to stay with them temporarily. I still may because there are just so many good books out there to spend my time with.

There is enough action for the davifson seekers, enough mystery for the amateur sleuths, and enough recipes for the gourmet cooks to keep all readers happy.

There were about 20 cavidson in total, but this review is for 16, Crunch Time.

The frenzy is believable. With the death of a friend and cop turned PI, and the torching of his home where Yolanda and Ferdinanda, ex-patriot Cubans have been finding refuge, here starts the downward spiral of this book.

I love this series and consider the author the best of the culinary authors but this book was just a mess. Then there’s the irritating details within the story because I’m sorry, there is no way that a standard wrench is adjustable enough to handle bolts for a potrack and the handle of an electric skillet.


I did feel like there were too many sub plots going on at the same time. May 26, Kathy Davie rated it liked it Shelves: She does not ever repsect what her husband has to say it does not seem that she is in concert with him, or the police, in trying to solve crimes.


For example, what are the chances that a woman and her husband who is a cop who investigates homicides davidsoon actually let Yolanda live with them while she’s under investigation?

Feb 16, Penny Watson rated it it was ok. But then again I would say if you were a first time reader, you might want to stay away from this book, or get it from the library and save your cash and a tree.

While she grew on me as a character, she felt awkwardly thrust into the book – Davidson tries to make it seem like she was always an important part of Goldy’s life, but if she was in earlier books I don’t remember her. She takes out a cop’s knees with a baton. Some of the characters came across as ridiculous rather than just quirky.

Crunch Time

Yolanda behaves so poorly I understand she is supposed to be frightened but, come on, she is hateful and mean to people. So she and her abrasive diaane Ferdinanda move in with private eye Ernest McLeod and nine beagle puppies apparently rescued from a puppy mill. Despite Tom’s firm warnings, Goldy uses culinary timd to get people to talk to her. I cannot tell you how much I disliked Yolanda or her ridiculous aunt. One moment, Goldy is bloody and unconscious, the next she’s whipping up a coffee cake.