Jesus Christ is coming again That is the Blessed Hope which has since the earliest days of the church energized biblical Christians looking for the full revelation. According to Dr. Ladd himself, “The central thesis of this book is that the Blessed Hope is the second coming of Jesus Christ and not a. Through its many printings, this book by George Eldon Ladd has proved to be a Ladd s conclusion is that the blessed hope is the second coming of Jesus.

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It is rather that pretribulationism was based on exposition of the Scripture and was attended with spiritual power and blessing as it was proclaimed.

A Review of ‘The Blessed Hope’ by George E. Ladd |

For instance, his contention regarding the word coming parousia is that it is used of the rapture in 1 Thessalonians 4: Some also hold that appearing epiphaneia refers specifically to the rapture. Dennis Gunnarson rated it it was amazing May 29, It does not seem to have occurred to Dr.

While much of the material in this chapter will be of interest, hoope falls short of demonstrating its conclusions. To argue from these common words, which in themselves are not doctrinal, is fallacious reasoning whether used by the pretribulationists or posttribulationists.

He seems unaware here of the very common pretribulational explanation of this passage, namely, that the Old Testament saints are raised at this time and that only the church, the saints of the present age, are raised at the rapture.


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Book Description, Modified from Back Cover: The reviewer is convinced that the arguments of the book do not sustain adequately the posttribulational position, but Dr. Once again the real issue is avoided, rather than faced.

Blessed Hope

New Testament General Works. By contrast, as Dr. Through its many printings, this book by George Eldon Ladd has proved to be a helpful guide for Christians who want to discern clearly the basic biblical teachings about the Blessed Hope.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In this he is correct, for the historic Baptist church has never been identified specifically with either view, though premillennialism and pretribulationism have been the majority view among contemporary Baptist fundamentalists.

Ladd was a notable, modern proponent of Historic Premillennialism, and often criticized dispensationalist views. They lack any positive proof that the church—the ecclesia —is ever found in the tribulation period.

Subscribe by E-mail Enter your email address: Because my readers are assuming I am. Ladd s conclusion is that the blessed hope is the second coming of Jesus Christ, not a pretribulation rapture of believers in a secret coming of Jesus.


George Eldon Ladd

He cites several missionary leaders in support of this point and goes so far as to quote Dr. As a New Testament scholar, Ladd no doubt is acquainted with the facts relating to a Hebrew marriage which make his entire position untenable.

Ralph Earle “No careful student of the Second Coming can afford to ignore his contribution to the subject.

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His perspective is expressed in The Meaning of the Millennium: The logic of his argument that some outstanding leaders have abandoned pretribulationism for posttribulationism is, of course, faulty. He has marshaled with unusual force the traditional arguments for the posttribulational theory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ChristFocus Book Club: The Blessed Hope by George Eldon Ladd

The argument presented is that the fact that these important hoope are used both of the rapture and of the coming of the Lord after the tribulation proves that they must be one event. Pretribulationism in its modern form is traced to a series of meetings beginning in from which the Brethren movement developed.

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