Telugu writer and Poet. Telugu writer and Poet. Gurazada Appa Rao; Gurajada Apparao. edit గురజాడ వెంకట అప్పారావు (Telugu). English: Life History of Gurajada Apparao dispalyed at his house (presently used as a memorial library) in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. Sri Gurajada Apparao was a social reformer, poet, writer, philosopher, and a to know that the era of Modern Telugu Literature was born from Gurajada’s pen.

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It frequently jabs at the male-dominated society of India, by appxrao to the forefront certain egoistic idiosyncrasies of a typical Indian male, in an unflattering manner.

Here’s All About Gurajada Apparao, The Mahakavi Who Radically Changed Telugu Literature! | People |

Gurajada was also involved in great social work and was a member of Voluntary Services Corps in Visakhapatnam. Burajada son Gurazada Venkata Ramadasu was born in Gurazada enjoyed a close relationship with the ruling family during his adult life. It was the first drama ever to be written in a spoken dialect that could be easily understood in collaboration with the visual dramatics.

The song inspired many people to take up their responsibility as a citizen seriously. InGurajada’s mother died. As Gurajada continued te,ugu literary journey, writing and working, he was introduced to Maharaja Pusapati Ananda Gajapati Raju, the royal prince of Vizianagaram. Madhu 26 December His play is still widely read and translated into numerous other languages.


The English preface to the first edition of his play states: His style of humor is an inspiration to many writers and artists that came after him.

Gurajada later went on to publish a touching patriotic song, Desamunu Preminchumanna, that is remembered even today. Views Read Bography View history. Vignana Sahiti Publications — via Google Books. Well, we will tell you exactly why and how!

He taught the F.

So, it is our duty as a fellow Telugu-speaking individual to keep him in our thoughts and learn from xpparao all that we can. Gurajada developed a long run friendship and association with the Pusapati family for years. Inhe was appointed to the Board of Studies by Madras University. The play is a highly thought-provoking social drama dealing with social issues relevant to the time. VizianagaramVisakhapatnamAndhra PradeshIndia.

Along with him, J.

Five Great Things About Kavishekara Gurajada Appa Rao

Kanyasulkam Sarangadhara Mutyala Saralu Poornamma. I am sure there is much more to this great personality than what meets the eye. It talks about the inhumanity of fathers who used to marry their prepubescent daughters to old men in return apparaoo money. His Sarangadharapublished in “Indian Leisure Hour” was well received.


The play bjography in some ways way ahead of its time and was very bold in criticizing the popular opinions and practices during that era. Gurajada lived most of his life in and around Vizianagaram in what was then called as Kalinga Rajyam. During that time, he was taken care of by the then M.

For some period duringhe worked as Head Clerk in the Deputy Collector’s office. Gundukurti Venkata Ramanayyaeditor of the “Indian Leisure Hour” encouraged Gurazada greatly during the same period. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He and his father before him were both employed by the princely state of Vizianagaram. Chalapathi guranada January This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat He was married to Appala Narasamma in Young Gurajada displayed his concern and calling for the society around him from his very young years. The apparzo year, Gurajada and his friends started the Andhra Sahitya Parishat to promote use of spoken dialects. High School in with a salary of Rs.