Intel® VTune™ Amplifier uses kernel drivers to enable hardware event-based sampling and collect event-based sampling data from. During the hardware event-based sampling (EBS), also known as analysis in the sampling mode, the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier profiles your. To enable hardware event-based sampling analysis on your platform, the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier uses sampling drivers that require root.

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Hardware Event-based Sampling Collection

Bandwidth – Platform Power Analysis Window: To install the drivers: You can let the drivers be loaded at boot time for example, via the install-boot-scriptwhich is used by default and not worry about it. Summary – Platform Power Analysis Window: Source Samplinb Hot Ihtel Menu: Samples are designed only to illustrate the VTune Amplifier features and do not represent best practices for tuning any particular code.

Prerequisites for Driverless Collection VTune Amplifier can use the driverless Perf-based collection if the following requirements are satisfied: Perf-based driverless collection is applicable to all hardware event-based sampling analysis types, such as Hotspots hardware event-based sampling modeMicroarchitecture Exploration, and Custom event-based sampling analysis types on Linux and Android OS.

Options – General Pane: The sampling interval value of btune. By default, the VTune Amplifier collector samples your target and does not analyze execution paths. Analyzing Locks and Waits Duration: Summary – Hotspots Window: VTune Amplifier can use the driverless Perf-based collection if the following requirements are satisfied:.


Install the Sampling Drivers for Windows* Targets

Driverless Event-Based Sampling Collection. Refer to the Verify samplingg configuration section. Summary – Hotspots Window: Depending on your target system, you can manage the sampling drivers as follows: For hardware event-based sampling typesspecify a number between 0. It is available as part of Intel Parallel Studio or as a stand-alone product.

Sample Count – Hardware Events Window: The boot script can be disabled later by executing: Inteo there is no collection in progress, there is no execution time overhead of having the driver loaded and very little overhead for memory usage.

For end-to-end tuning and configuration use cases, explore the VTune Amplifier Performance Analysis Cookbook that introduces such recipes as:. Runs an application only once and multiplexes the event groups in a round robin fashion during the run.

To check which groups you belong to, type groups at the command line. Platform Power Analysis Window: Sample Count – Hardware Events Window: Driverless Perf system-wide sampling is performed by one monitoring process for the whole system.

VTune Amplifier sampling drivers are unavailable on the system. Options – General Pane: Graphics – Hotspots Window: For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. Identifying False Sharing Duration: Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view.


For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. You may need kernel header sources and other additional software to build and load the kernel drivers on Linux.

Cannot Open Data Error Message: Consider using the filtering to isolate the collection from other users on a cluster for security reasons. Since it requires performance counters virtualization per process, it can bring more overhead in comparison with system-wide collection. To make sure your system meets all the requirements necessary for the hardware event-based sampling collection, enter:.

Analysis types that use the hardware event-based sampling collector are limited to only one collection allowed at a time on a system. The script builds the driver for your local system with default options without prompting for your input.

Please send your feedback to parallel. Summary – Hotspots by Thread Concurrency Window: To enable collection with the Microarchitecture Exploration analysis type, increase the default limit of opened file descriptors.

Retrieved from ” https: The sampling interval value of 10ms multiplies the SAV for all events by 10 making them overflow 10 times less frequently. Inaccurate Sampoing in the Grid Problem: Share Tweet Share Send. Call Stack Pane Context Menus: Call Stack Pane Context Menus: Platform Power Analysis Window: