Irina Tweedie was a British women who went to live and study in northwest India with a Naqshbandi Sufi teacher. Her book “The Chasm of Fire, A Women’s. Irina Tweedie was born in Russia in , and educated in Vienna and Paris. Following World War II, she married an English naval officer, whose death in Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master. $ Paperback. Books by Irina Tweedie. Showing 1 Result Books: Advanced Search.

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Sometimes life can be pretty miserable for everybody.

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With me today is Mrs. It’s as if what we’re saying is that creativity comes from another realm, to us. The less you understand the better. For only a heart which has burned itself empty is capable of love.

And also it leads to a complete change of values. The mind knows very little about it.


You seem iruna be saying, then, that twedeie than try and use our intellect to discriminate — which is really a way of separating ourselves from whatever life has to bring us — I gather your message is more to drink deeply of the cup of life, to live intensely. I mean, most people don’t have this sense, this yearning, to arrive at the level that you do. I sort of just looked, speechless. It is said that they went to every prophet, and they went even to Jesus.

There’s a purpose for it. She was the first woman to ever be trained in the yogic Sufi lineage. In the states of deep meditation, which I would like to call superhuman state — I don’t like the word samadhi, there’s been so much abuse — there, you find yourself on the plane of consciousness where you really know.


For myself I can never contact him. I think it is natural. And the whole group which participates in it benefits from it, because they all learn — learn how to interpret other people’s dreams, and also their own dreams. We believe that a dream has much more meaning than just a dream. You flow out like a river without diminishing. Do you mean to recognize which one is a good one and which one is a bad one?

Well, there does seem to be a paradox here, because for people who are trying to find a spiritual teacher — and you refer yourself to the many false gurus there are — one needs this little tool we have, whatever intellect or ways of discerning or discriminating, to find a good one. And that provokes a kind of loneliness, and tweediw kind of frustration, which St.

Your teacher referred to two different paths, or two different methods of attaining enlightenment — one through meditation, and another one which I guess has to do with the title of the fire in your book — the idea of burning away the dross of the spirit or the soul.

My mind was kept in a state of confusion to the extent of being “switched off. Did you at some point reach a phase where things have stabilized, where you began to enjoy the fruits?

It may be this path will tweeedie for someone. Everything can teach one in life. Perhaps, yes; I am not sure what it was, but that’s what our teacher told us.

But all this I knew only later, when I tried to remember it. Also at home, when I think of him, it comes over me Most things on the path of the mystics are not known to the mind. So really, what is done is twredie of the whole of the human being — body, emotions, and mind — to a certain way of thinking, to a certain way of realizing the potential within yourself.


Part of the kundalini energy functions as sex, but only perhaps a third of it. Now, in telling the Sufi stories, you say one tries to find the right story for the right person at the right itina, and I guess there’s a sense really of cultivating the intuition in doing that. All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: Lately, it becomes increasingly lovely. It will mirror in front of us all sorts of things, evil thoughts and everything, and we must be able to distinguish what we want to do according to our free will — to follow this thought or that thought, or this behavior or that behavior.

And yet you studied with a Hindu Sufi in India.

So what you’re saying — and I presume practicing as well, since you live in London, you have students there — is that this method of instruction is a viable method for Westerners.

Well, I don’t know. This diary spans five years.

“Who Wants Truth as Badly as That?”

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Learn more at Author Central. And in the time of Socrates, for three years you were not allowed to ask. One gets the sense, when I hear some people who call themselves Sufis talking about these stories, it’s like there’s a irna to the use of the teaching story.