jBC Run time, Running jBC programs. jBC Error Handling, Handling error conditions in jBC programs. jCL, jBASE command language (Proc) reference manual. CATALOG Command. .. DECATALOG and DELETE-CATALOG Commands .. DECRYPT. Quick Navigation. jBASIC Language Overview; Benefits of jBASIC; File and Directory Organization; Commands/Statements; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N.

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Simplest version of where the data is located.


Create a dictionary 1. Reads a single character from the input buffer and returns it. G GES function Compares corresponding elements in two dynamic arrays.

First one in the list is returned. The values for q can be: Create hashed file dictionary only: See file statistics 1. Turns on or off the echoing of characters typed at the keyboard. Enter jrf command with options verbose display and to allow downsize of file. Calls can be made to OS functions and vice versa. FMUL function Performs multiplication on two floating point numbers. WEOF statement Writes an end of file mark on an attached tape device.



DIVS function Divides corresponding elements in two dynamic arrays. Specifies that a jsh process should be spawned to execute command.

How can we help you? EXIT statement Halts the commxnds of a program. Press Esc to exit edit mode; then type FI to save and exit the record. Passes data back to the primary input buffer of a calling jCL program. Reads and locks a record and maps the elements into a dimensioned array.


The same is true when decataloging subroutines. If the same command was issued from the ksh prompt, it would have to be issued as: To resize files to a lower modulo requires that the ‘D’ option also be invoked along with the ‘C’ option.

If updates have been made you will be prompted for confirmation before the updates are discarded. Assigns the elements of a dynamic array to a dimensioned array.

Returns the length of the expression as the number of bytes rather than the number of characters. Counts the number of times a substring is repeated in each element of a dynamic array. IN statement Gets raw data from the input device. NOTS function Returns a commnds array of the logical complement of the elements of a dynamic array.

So when cataloging subroutines, it is much faster to work from an active select list. GET statement Gets input from an opened serial device. Defines a footing to be included at the bottom of an output page. In Linux, env will set the Environment Variable for the extent of commanss command. Determines whether elements of one dynamic array are less than or equal to jbasee corresponding element in another dynamic array. RQM statement Pauses execution.



No debugging information is produced. LOOP statement Defines the start of a loop construct. Checks that an expression consists entirely of printable characters. Determines the value of the specified environment variable. The jbc command uses the -JCwn option, where n is the warning level from 0 to 3. Add the following data into the corresponding row.

SUBS function Subtracts corresponding elements in two dynamic comkands. STOP function Program termination. The name can include absolute or relative path information.

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