Effects of Kalachakra Dasas. Maharishi Parashar said. O Brahmin! I am now going to describe to you the effects of the Kaal Chakr Dasha. During the Dasha. KALACHAKRA DASA – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Number of Visits Since June 8, Notice: My Kalachakra Dasa Tutorial is now available in MS Word format! KALACHAKRA DASA P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.

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If Gemini has lagna in D, its dasa may give all-round progress in the accumulation of knowledge. In Kumbh in the Dasha of Vrishabh Ans there will be financial gains; Mesh diseases of the eyes; Meen journeys to distant places; Kumbh increase in wealth; Makar success in all kinds of ventures; Dhanu more enemies; Mesh loss of happiness and enjoyment; Vrishabh death; Mithun well being.

Ignored Verse of Parasara A very important clue is offered in the following verse often ignored by scholars: Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

Antar dasas of Moon Effects of the Dasa of Navamsa rasi of Taurus Vrishabh. Sign in Recover your password.

Kalachakra Dasa

In the Kaal Chakr Dasha of Mesh in Mesh Navans there will be distress, due to troubles, caused by the pollution of blood. For example, dasa of Pisces may give saattwik religious kalzchakra. And so on as shown in Table I. Effects of the Dashas of Navamsa rasi in Libra Tula.

Leap Savya nakshatras Apasavya nakshatras Lion Fear of animals, loss of friends, distress to near relations, fall in dungeons, danger from poison and weapons, fall from a vehicle, fever, destruction of house Death of father or elders, loss of position Monkey Loss of wealth, agriculture and animals, death of father or elders Daza from water, distress to father, loss of position, anger of rulers, wandering in the forests Frog Distress to relatives, elders and father, trouble from poison, weapons, enemies, thieves.


One should keep SAV of various divisional charts with one when interpreting Kalachakra dasa. These are in brief effects of Kaal Chakr Dasha. Effects of Kalachakra Dasas But the focus is different.

Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Learning Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology. Deha rasi shows body and jeeva rasi shows the spirit. Rays of Grahas Dasas of Hse Lords The bottomline is that what the scholars thought were the Dasa sequences were actually Bhukti sequences.

Xasa division of the zodiac is ruled by Moon and it shows the mental level. Mixing up various dasas without knowing the subtle differences between them results in vague explanations. Learned scholars have given different interpretations and there is no consensus.

Kalachakra Dasa Demystified (Part1)

Dasas of Planets You might also like More from author. There are many controversies regarding its computation. If we take that as Rasi and find further Navamsas in it, we get Krittika 2nd — 4th, Rohini lst — 4th and Mrigasira 1st and 2nd.

Sagittarius Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces kaachakra be the four navamsas of Krittika. Previous Article Hanuman Jayanti. From this, one can clearly deduce that Dasas belong to 9 Navamsa signs starting from the Navamsa sign corresponding to the Nakshatra Pada of the Moon.

Effects of the Dashas of Navamsa rasi in Virgo Kanya Other Antar dasas Effects of the Dashas of Navamsa rasi in Aquarius Kumbh. Reference source not found. The Dasas are simply derived by taking 9 Navamsa signs of the 9 Nakshatra Padas from where the Moon is. On the other hand, if Kalachakra dasa rasi is strong and occupied by benefics in D, then one may be successfully involved in activities that keep his inner self engaged.


We see that dasas progress in a regular fashion in Kalachakra dasa. So those are the Dasas. Here an attempt is made to demystify it by offering a very simple interpretation kalacjakra takes advantage of one specific verse that most translators have not paid much attention to.

Append content without editing the whole page source. Antar dasas Venus This Dasa has perplexed scholars of many generations and its calculation has been quite controversial, inspite of Parasara devoting many verses to it!

Kalachakra Dasa

Gatis special movements We see that dasas progress in a regular fashion in Kalachakra dasa. In Makar in the Dasha of Makar Ans there will be happiness from children; Kumbh gain of agricultural products; Meen well being; Vrischik danger from poison; Tula financial gains; Kanya increase in enemies; Kark acquisition of property; Simh danger from wild animals and in the Dasha of Mithun Ans danger of falling from a tree.

Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio will be the four navamsa of Bharani.

Effects of Gunas The dasa of Venus will be of 16 years the dasa period of Taurus and Libra owned by Venus will be the same. A password will be e-mailed to kalacchakra. Samudaaya Ashtakavarga SAV plays an important role in deciding the results in a dasa.

However, these hold for one born at the beginning of the nakshatra pada. Welcome, Login to your account.